Win Our Awards!

Welcome to the return of our awards program!   

The purpose for giving out these awards is to reward all those webmasters for fostering a better understanding of American Indians, indigenous peoples all over the world and/or good web design,  whether they, themselves, are American Indian or not.

***You must be listed on our Award Winner's page to be a true award winner of AIHC's awards!!!!

(Please note we are not longer giving out AIHC awards due to severe lack of time, so please don't apply)

These are not easy awards to win. Your site must be flawless.

Below are our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

Platinum Award
Gold Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award

This is our Eagle Award, which will be given out to those who truly demonstrate, for lack of a better phrase, Indian Spirit.

Eagle Award

This is our Bald Eagle Award, given out to those sites for Excellence in Indian Health Information.

Bald Eagle Award

This is our Turtle Award for children's and teen's sites. This award exemplifies our young peoples' imagination and creativity in their site building.

This award is for extraordinary sites done by children 15 and up. No one under the age of 15 may apply for an award without expressed permission of the parent or guardian, as we comply with COPPA.

Turtle Award

This is our Award of Beauty for sites that have that extra indescribable "something extra", whether it be visual beauty, spiritual beauty, or emotional beauty. This is not an award for which one can apply. If we see it in our site reviews we will award it.

Beauty Award

This is our Spirit of the Wolf and Bear Award for sites with content that display great courage. For example, a winner of this award may have a site about child abuse and child abuse prevention. This is what we mean by courageous sites.

Spirit of the Wolf and Bear Award

Platinum Award was made with clipart from: Desperado

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were made with graphic from: 100% Free Clipart Collection

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